I took the picture below for Forbes, of the muni-bond king James Lebenthal. We rendezvoused on top of the Verrazano Bridge, of Saturday Night Fever fame, in brilliant midday sun—ugly light, but that’s what we had. I got my assistant to hug my back and had him hold, as far to each side as he could, two portable flashes that were triggered by remote control. The outbound upper level, to Lebenthal’s left, was closed for maintenance, and I managed to take a few shots with no cars on the inbound side. He advertised muni bonds on TV, and the drivers headed into the city started some version of catcalling, yelling complementary and derogatory remarks from their cars. We got a radio call from the Bridge Authority that we were causing a traffic jam, though I hadn’t seen any change in the traffic flow. We wrapped up and went home, and just in time: my assistant’s arms were just about falling off.

Kelly Nowels